The Ambassador Program is a great way to get involved and be part of the EduTECH brand.


EduTECH ambassadors are volunteers who are passionate about EduTECH and want to share their enthusiasm with their large professional and social networks.


As an ambassador, you will encourage your colleagues, friends, and networks to come along and experience EduTECH for themselves. EduTECH offers insightful content, whirlwind learning adventures, practical takeaways and prizes/giveaways for everyone who attends!


If you are a passionate, excited and enthusiastic individual who believes in the EduTECH brand, apply to be an EduTECH Ambassador today!



Why become an EduTECH Ambassador?

  • Share your passion and experience with others, and be rewarded for it
  • A chance to network and get in touch with old colleagues, new friends and brand new connections in education
  • Receive an exclusive VIP status/pass to EduTECH 
  • Potential to earn a financial incentive
  • Recognition as a VIP EduTECH ambassador at the event and the EduTECH website


How to become an EduTECH Ambassador and how it works

Share a unique code with any of your friends, colleagues or connections and get them to join you at EduTECH. It's as simple as that!

Get over 10 delegates to register for EduTECH and you will receive a VIP status/pass to EduTECH and recognition on the event website as an EduTECH ambassador.

Get over 15 delegates to use your code and there is a potential to earn a financial incentive. Further details will be provided.