Thursday 7 June 2018

During the breakout session delegates split into smaller groups where they have the option to attend interactive and in-depth seminars on a wide variety of subject matters. Delegates pre-select breakout sessions ahead of the event so they cover the issues and topics that matter most to them.




FireFly Learning




Innovation First International (VEX Robotics)




MacGear Australia (Sphero)




Sebel Furniture





Augmented and Virtual Reality has been rising quickly as a one of the most interesting and impactful technologies in the Education space. Pilot projects and hardware prototypes are beginning to be seen throughout classrooms with many vendors developing foundational VR and AR elements to provide a stable and practical application for the classroom of today and tomorrow. This presentation will discuss challenges and opportunities for the future of AR/VR technology in education.

Richard Henderson , Director of Global Education Solutions, Lenovo




Hear and Learn

While our learning spaces and curriculum are being modernised, is our understanding of auditory learning keeping up?

Are the complexities and challenges for teachers to conduct individual group work, whole group work and communicate across bigger rooms being addressed by technology?

The work of Dr Janelle Wills in evaluating the world-first ‘Activate’ classroom communications technology will be explained, and attendees will:

  1. Learn how the latest ‘Activate’ learning technology better enables teachers to foster meaningful student dialogue and thinking, create productive student groups and develop respectful learning relationships between and among students and teachers.
  2. Discover ways the Activate learning technology can support teachers to accurately assess and report on the Speaking and Learning elements of English Curriculum Achievement Standards rather than resorting to an ‘educated guess’.

Dr Janelle Wills, Associate Director of Marzano Research, Solution Tree Australia; Education Consultant, Hear and Learn


More breakout sessions will be updated here as soon they are available .