DAY ONE – Thursday 7 June 2018


9:00 | Chairpersons opening remarks

9:10 | Neuroscience meets technology: a vision of the future of classrooms learning and assessments

Prof. Adam Gazzaley, World famous Author, Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur and Inventor; Professor of Neurology, Physiology, and Psychiatry; University of California ; Founder,  Neuroscape (USA)

9:40 | Future of Learning

Anthony Salcito, Vice President Education, Microsoft (USA)

10:00 | Space for learning: a new language for school design

  • Learn about the global shifts in School Design from the world's foremost authority on the subject
  • How to adapt your school environment to maximise its effectiveness as a great place to learn and teach
  • Transform your learning environments to transform education itself
Prakash Nair, World renowned futurist, visionary planner and educational architect; Founding President and CEO, Fielding Nair International (USA)

10:20 | Morning tea & coffee break, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations

10:55 |  Welcome back by the Chairperson



During the breakout session delegates split into smaller groups where they have the option to attend interactive and in-depth seminars on a wide variety of subject matters. Delegates pre-select breakout sessions ahead of the event so they cover the issues and topics that matter most to them.


12:50 |  Lunch, exhibition exploration and expo Main Stage Presentations

14:10 | Chair’s Welcome and MITIE Acknowledgement

Ian Ralph, President, MITIE

14:20 | Re-invent the future of learning

  • Re-inventing the future that your school desires
  • Explore what leading global experts feel are the significant challenges impeding technology in education and what are the key trends accelerating technology in education
  • Explore how visionary leaders can design the future of teaching and learning by leveraging emerging technologies

Keith Krueger, CEO, Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) (USA)

14:40 | NSIP update on Learning Services Architecture

  • Review on the national approach for integrating information systems that exchange data about learners in schools.
  • Get a better understanding of NSIP's plans to improve the education data model
  • Come away equipped what questions need to be asked when it comes to choosing the right vendor.

Matt Farmer, Program Lead - Products and Market Engagement, NSIP

15:10 | Panel Discussion:  ICT Framework Review

  • Hear from ICT directors across Australia on the research undertaken to develop an ICT framework for their schools and teachers
  • Understand how their framework can be used to support and promote good practice in the use of ICT in learning and teaching in schools

Keith Krueger, CEO, Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) (USA)
Elizabeth Wilson,
CIO, VIC Department of Education

15:40 | Afternoon tea & coffee break, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations



16:20 |  Outsource weakness, develop strength to reach for greatness

  • Focus on developing children's strengths instead of fixing their deficiencies
  • Teaching children to identify and solve problems worth-solving and create value for others through product-oriented learning
  • Make education personalisable for children, not personalized for them
Dr Yong Zhao, Foundation Distinguished Professor, School of Education University of Kansas (USA); Professorial Fellow, Mitchell Institute for Health and Education Policy, Victoria University (AUS); Global Chair, University of Bath (UK). Most recent book: Reach for Greatness: Personalizable Education for All

16:50 |  Learning from Singapore: the power of paradoxes

  • Examine an education system that embraces timely change and timeless constraints, centralisation and decentralisation, teaching less and learning more
  • Understand the key success factors of Singapore’s education system
  • Learn the eye-opening difference between acing an examination vs appreciation of subject
Dr Pak Tee Ng, Dean of Leadership Learning, Head of Policy and Leadership Studies Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Singapore

17:10 | Exciting speaker and topic to be announced!  

17:40 | Networking Drinks


The annual EduTECH Gala Dinner is the perfect opportunity to relax, reflect on the day, and enjoy good food, wine and music with peers from across the country. Showcasing great entertainment, live music and flowing drinks for all, this is an EduTECH highlight you wouldn’t want to miss.

*The Gala Dinner is a ticketed event


DAY TWO – Friday 8 June 2018


9:00 | Chair’s Welcome and MITIE acknowledgement

9:10 | Debate: BYOD vs 1:1
  • What’s more practical in terms of BYOD or 1:1?
  • What challenges do schools need to consider when approaching either sides?
  • How do schools adapt to emerging technologies and the use of the devices?
Moderator: Martin Levins , President, ACCE

Dr Terja Lange
, ICT Manager, Goodnews Lutheran College Matthew Gausden , Director of ICT, St Joseph's College
Andrew Hetherington,
Head Teacher BYOD, NSW Department of Education
9:40 | Dell Australia
10:00 | Wireless Projection

Session to be confirmed...

James Stewart , Director of ICT and eLearning, Barker College

10:20 | Session to be confirmed...
10:40 | Morning tea and coffee break, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations
11:20 | The Internet of Things
  • Find out whether the Internet of Things is a good idea or bad idea
  • Discover what you can do to reap the rewards without descending into the IoT valley of disenchantment
Moderator: Martin Levins, President, ACCE
11:40 | The first primary school to migrate from the cloud to Blockchain
  • A use case on the infrastructure behind migrating from the cloud onto blockchain
  • How blockchain provided a positive change for the school to deliver:
    • NEM Blockchain - Voting System (Student Voice)
    • Steem Blockchain - Immutable Reporting
    • Storj Blockchain - Distributed Minecraft
Kieran Nolan, Education Technologist, Wooranna Park Primary School
12:00 | Delivering more, with efficient technology
  • How can choosing the cheap option leave you with the ability to keep pace with emerging technologies?
  • How can you transition from large capital projects to an operating expense model?
  • SaaS and IaaS means we don’t need to worry about keeping lights on
Mitch Miller, Director of ICT, St Luke's Anglican School
12:20 | Top three Cybersecurity risks for schools
  • Consider Data breaches and Cybersecurity attacks that take place through a school's network
  • Understand why Cybersecurity defences should include network defences
  • Discover the top 3 Cyber Security Network Defences and how they can substantially improve your Cybersecurity for 2018.

Martin Boyd , Founder, Vertex Technologies

12:40 | Lunch, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations
14:00 | Using data to support better learning in schools
  • How do schools use data to make a more informed decision for positive changes?
  • How do we train teachers to read data?
Simon Maizels , Director of Integration Competency Centre, Department of Education NSW
14:20 |  Session to be confirmed...
14:40 | Strategic Planning
  • How to develop and maintain an effective Information Technology strategy
  • Examine the “Management by Maxims” framework
  • Align your IT strategy with the school’s overall strategic goals to deliver improved educational outcomes
Brenton Harty , Director of ICT, Presbyterian Ladies' College - Melbourne
15:00 | Now vs Next for ICT Directors
  • What are the necessary skills needed for an ICT Director of the future?
  • Who are the key partners that a school needs for support?
  • Where should the ICT Director sit in the organisation's hierarchy?
Moderator: Ian Ralph , President, MITIE

Jenny Luca
, Head of Digital Learning and Practice, Wesley College in Melbourne
Sandra Maher
, ICT Director, Brighton Grammar School

15:20 | Afternoon tea and coffee break, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations




15:50 |  Bringing more “beautiful questions” into the classroom—and beyond

  • Address how teachers can be inquirers into their own practice
  • Review new models on the power of student-led inquiry
  • Understand inquiry across different curriculum areas
Warren Berger, Questionologist, internationally acclaimed author of 'A More Beautiful Question'

16:10 | The great learning expansion
  • The story of personalised learning to experiential learning to mastery-based learning
  • Demonstrations of how A.I. and immersive technology will reshape learning forever
  • Give practical advice on what you think Principals and Teachers can do to take that step up to improve education
Lucas Rizzotto, award winning VR/AR creator, technologist, immersive experience designer, artist (USA)

16:30 | Building success on strong foundations (don’t miss Brennon’s live gold medal performance!)

  • Teamwork: everything is better when you have support and leadership
  • Foundations: Success builds from strong foundations and it’s never too late to focus on quality training
  • Brennon’s lifelong secret to success

Brennon Dowrick , Former Olympic Gymnast and multiple gold medal winner

16:50 | End of conference - closing remarks