DAY ONE – Thursday 7 June 2018


9:00 | Chairpersons opening remarks

9:10 | Neuroscience meets technology: a vision of the future of classrooms learning and assessments

Prof. Adam Gazzaley, World famous Author, Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur and Inventor; Professor of Neurology, Physiology, and Psychiatry; University of California ; Founder,  Neuroscape (USA)

9:40 | Presentation by Microsoft

Anthony Salcito, Vice President Education, Microsoft (USA)

10:00 | Space for learning: a new language for school design

  • Learn about the global shifts in School Design from the world's foremost authority on the subject
  • How to adapt your school environment to maximise its effectiveness as a great place to learn and teach
  • Transform your learning environments to transform education itself
Prakash Nair, World renowned futurist, visionary planner and educational architect; Founding President and CEO, Fielding Nair International (USA)

10:20 | Morning tea & coffee break, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations


11:00 |  Welcome back by the Chair

11:10 | Disruption in the VET sector: fallacy & fact

  • Understand the behavioural insights behind the apprentice dropout rate
  • Discover how robot, disruptive, and predictive technologies can humanise your organisation
  • Learn from international case studies on using simple behavioural science to halve your staff attrition rates
Darren Coppin, Chief Executive, Esher House ; Head of Research, ReadyTech ; Doctoral Candidate, Australian Catholic University
11:30 | Ensuring business goals are aligned with digital transformation initiatives
  • Tips and pitfalls to avoid when implementing digital transformation
  • Learn how to lead digital transformation through effective management and training
  • Examining the impact of digital change in vocational education
Brad Seaman, CEO, Ikon Institute


11:50 | Inequality in Australia: what can vocational education and training do?

  • See how VET education and industry partnership can address inequality in community
  • Discover how you can increase student acquisition through regional intake
  • Learn how to make a positive impact through community engagement
Don Perlgut, CEO, Community Colleges Australia


12:10 | The body in mind: why VET is leading the way to 21st century education

  • Hear about the new science of embodied intelligence which is turning the traditional ‘hierarchy of esteem’ of school and college subjects on its head
  • Discover why VET subjects are the most powerful incubators of the general capabilities in the curriculum
  • Learn how to cultivate the habits of mind that underpin craftsmanship in every vocational area
Guy Claxton, Visiting Professor of Education, King’s College London


12:30 | Ethical marketing and promo practices

  • Learn how to market yourself and your team to stand out
  • Discover how you can set yourself apart as a premium organisation
  • Learn how to create and manage effective content
David St George, Former Director Brand, Marketing and Communications, TAFE Queensland

12:50 | Lunch, exhibition exploration and main stage presentations

14:20 |  Exciting speaker to be announced


14:40 |  Factors to considered when implementing blended learning

  • Discover how blended learning can enhance teaching and student experience
  • See the impact blended learning will have and learn the changes needed to ensure positive impact happens
  • Considerations to take into account when applying blended learning programs into TAFEs
Dr John Flett, Head of Educational Development, Gordon TAFE  


15:00 |  Successfully aligning VET outcomes with current industry best practice

  • Learn how to ensure training quality through iAuditor
  • See how to work closely with industry, employers and students through andragogy
  • Discover how to create job-ready graduates through industry collaboration
Alison Haines & Fiona Plunkett, Team Leader - Agriculture & Rural Operations, Charles Darwin University

15:20 |  Exciting speaker and topic to be announced

15:40 | Afternoon tea & coffee break, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations


16:20 |  Outsource weakness, develop strength to reach for greatness

  • Focus on developing children's strengths instead of fixing their deficiencies
  • Teaching children to identify and solve problems worth-solving and create value for others through product-oriented learning
  • Make education personalizable for children, not personalized for them
Dr Yong Zhao, Foundation Distinguished Professor, School of Education University of Kansas (USA); Professorial Fellow, Mitchell Institute for Health and Education Policy, Victoria University (AUS); Global Chair, University of Bath (UK). Most recent book: Reach for Greatness: Personalizable Education for All

16:50 |  Building success on strong foundations

  • Teamwork: everything is better when you have support and leadership
  • Foundations: Success builds from strong foundations and it’s never too late to focus on quality training
  • Brennon’s lifelong secret to success
Brennon Dowrick, Former Olympic Gymnast and multiple gold medal winner.

17:10 | XPRIZE: A moonshot in education

  • A deep dive into the $15 million global competition challenging teams to create open source and scalable software to enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic in just 15 months
  • A look at other XPRIZE competitions that will impact learning and human potential, including an Adult Literacy XPRIZE, an AI XPRIZE, and an Avatar XPRIZE
  • Generally, how exponential technologies can democratize education
Matt Keller, Senior Director Global Learning XPRIZE

17:40 | Networking Drinks


The annual EduTECH Gala Dinner is the perfect opportunity to relax, reflect on the day, and enjoy good food, wine and music with peers from across the country. Showcasing great entertainment, live music and flowing drinks for all, this is an EduTECH highlight you wouldn’t want to miss.

*The Gala Dinner is a ticketed event


DAY TWO – Friday 8 June 2018


9:00 | BREAKOUTS - Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

Choose between a wide variety of specific topics to discuss and debate with your peers. This is a completely open forum where you have the chance to split into smaller groups, and attend 3 x 25 minute discussion roundtables to swap ideas and leverage the knowledge and experiences of your peers.

10:30 | Morning tea and coffee break, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations

11:05 | Chairpersons opening remarks


11:10 |  Building a sustainable and profitable VET business model

  • Gain insights from the creation and implementation of a multi-award winning organisation-wide blending learning solution which affected 100 qualifications and impacted 614 staff
  • Understand key lessons learned and practical examples that enabled the execution and success of a large-scale, cost-effective roll out
  • Access the methods behind quality management, agile development, data analytics, ROI, and commercial success
  • Discuss the implementation of emerging technologies into the blend such as VR and Humanoid Robots
Gail Bray, Senior Manager Learning Development, Victoria Polytechnic


11:30 |  Industry engagement to create better opportunities for students

  • Insights into Monash Talent: Learning how to solve skills challenges facing industries
  • Aligning VET with current industry practice
  • Using technology to find the right graduates to the industry
  • Discover how to match services to make sure right candidate aligned to right role
Jo Mithen, CEO, Monash College


11:50 |  How to get students ready for the workforce

James Hourn, Commercial Director, JobReady Solutions

12:10 | Lunch, Exhibition Exploration and Main Stage Presentations


14:00 |  Distant learning through Augmented Reality

  • Discover how a robotic teaching assistant can enhance the student learning experience
  • Learn how to effectively use AR and 3D printed tools to teach distant students
  • Insights into the learnings from using AR to teach paramedic students foreign object removal with AR and MR
Dr Michael Cowling, Senior Lecturer in Educational Technology, Central Queensland University


14:20 |  Digital inclusion, moving from chalk & talk to eEducation

  • See how VET education and industry partnership can address inequality in community
  • Discover how you can increase student acquisition through regional intake
  • Learn how to make a positive impact through community engagement
Dr Rod Dilnutt, Industry Fellow, The University of Melbourne


14:40 |  Emotional intelligence - learn the top 10 keys to success in the workplace

  • Learn how to teach your students emotional intelligence in order to succeed in the workplace
  • See how emotional development can encourage and motive student learning
  • Developing future leaders through emotional development
Reyna Mendes, Learning & Development Manager, Barrington


15:00 |  Overcoming barriers to education and training in remote and regional Australia

  • See how to effectively implement an e-learning system to allow students access to learning
  • Learn how to create bespoke e-learning solutions to fit your plans
  • Discover how blended learning can be rolled out to regional and remote students
Sarah Cordiner, Executive Director and Head of Campus, University of Notre Dame


15:20 | Afternoon tea and coffee break, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations




15:50 |  Deep listening - impact beyond words

  • The 4 derailers to listening types
  • Listening to the other person is the wrong place to start
  • 5 levels of listening
Oscar Trimboli, Author of Breakthroughs & Deep Listening


16:10 | Grace under fire: secrets of centred leadership

  • Three critical aspects of leadership connection that will allow you to double your influence and halve your people stress
  • The secrets of emotional aikido in high stakes conversations that will keep you centered and safe
  • Simple tricks to manage your emotions in any situation
Zoë Routh, Leadership Thought Leader, Trainer and Adventurist, Author of COMPOSURE and MOMENTS

16:30 | End of day two & conference close