DAY ONE – Thursday 7 June 2018


9:00 | Chairpersons opening remarks

9:10 | Neuroscience meets technology: a vision of the future of classrooms learning and assessments

Prof. Adam Gazzaley, World famous Author, Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur and Inventor; Professor of Neurology, Physiology, and Psychiatry; University of California ; Founder,  Neuroscape (USA)

9:40 | Presentation by Microsoft

Anthony Salcito, Vice President Education, Microsoft (USA)

10:00 | Space for learning: a new language for school design

  • Learn about the global shifts in School Design from the world's foremost authority on the subject
  • How to adapt your school environment to maximise its effectiveness as a great place to learn and teach
  • Transform your learning environments to transform education itself
Prakash Nair, World renowned futurist, visionary planner and educational architect; Founding President and CEO, Fielding Nair International (USA)

10:20 | Morning tea & coffee break, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations


11:00 |  Welcome back by the Chairperson




11:00 | Jobs of the future – supporting all university staff in developing digital literacy

  • Assess the impact of IT on roles of the future
  • Shaping the IT workforce of the future
  • Preparing IT and the rest of the university for a future where many IT competencies shift from the IT department to become part of everybody’s role
Chrissy Burns, Chief Information Officer, University of Technology Sydney



11:20 | How to use analytics and data based decision making at university

Exciting speaker to be announced

11:40 | Exciting speaker and topic to be announced

12:00 | Exciting speaker and topic to be announced

12:20 | Lunch, Exhibition Exploration and Main Stage Presentations


13:50 |  How The University of Melbourne is using blockchain to secure records

  • Securing records through blockchain and recording student credentials
  • How blockchain can provide verified credentials for potential employees
  • Driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness for universities and potential employees
  • How record keeping benefits can be harnessed by other industries
Professor Gregor Kennedy, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Teaching & Learning) & Director, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, The University of Melbourne



14:10 |  Overview of the stages and lessons from cloud migration

  • The business case, and how we budgeted for the project?
  • What stopped us going faster to complete it and what got in our way?
  • How we feel about the end result, and what comes next?



14:30 |  Improving data management

  • Why having a holistic approach to data management is critical
  • Benefits of good data management for faster time-to-market on applications, predictive analytics, improved data hygiene and risk mitigation


14:50 |  Panel discussion: how to grow your leadership influence and build a people-centric culture

  • Shaping the IT workforce of the future
  • How CIOs can bring together technology and talent to deliver business outcomes and innovation
15:10 | Exciting speaker and topic to be announced

15:30 | Afternoon tea & coffee break, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations


16:20 |  Outsource weakness, develop strength to reach for greatness

  • Focus on developing children's strengths instead of fixing their deficiencies
  • Teaching children to identify and solve problems worth-solving and create value for others through product-oriented learning
  • Make education personalizable for children, not personalized for them
Dr Yong Zhao, Foundation Distinguished Professor, School of Education University of Kansas (USA); Professorial Fellow, Mitchell Institute for Health and Education Policy, Victoria University (AUS); Global Chair, University of Bath (UK). Most recent book: Reach for Greatness: Personalizable Education for All

16:50 |  Building success on strong foundations

  • Teamwork: everything is better when you have support and leadership
  • Foundations: Success builds from strong foundations and it’s never too late to focus on quality training
  • Brennon’s lifelong secret to success
Brennon Dowrick, Former Olympic Gymnast and multiple gold medal winner.

17:10 | XPRIZE: A moonshot in education

  • A deep dive into the $15 million global competition challenging teams to create open source and scalable software to enable children in developing countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic in just 15 months
  • A look at other XPRIZE competitions that will impact learning and human potential, including an Adult Literacy XPRIZE, an AI XPRIZE, and an Avatar XPRIZE
  • Generally, how exponential technologies can democratize education
Matt Keller, Senior Director, Global Learning XPRIZE

17:40 | Networking drinks


The annual EduTECH Gala Dinner is the perfect opportunity to relax, reflect on the day, and enjoy good food, wine and music with peers from across the country. Showcasing great entertainment, live music and flowing drinks for all, this is an EduTECH highlight you wouldn’t want to miss.

*The Gala Dinner is a ticketed event


DAY TWO – Friday 8 June 2018


9:00 | BREAKOUTS - Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

Choose between a wide variety of specific topics to discuss and debate with your peers. This is a completely open forum where you have the chance to split into smaller groups, and attend 3 x 25 minute discussion roundtables to swap ideas and leverage the knowledge and experiences of your peers.

10:25 | Morning tea and coffee break, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations

11:05 | Opening remarks from Chair 




11:10 |  Governance, risk and cybersecurity in Higher Ed

Richard Addiscott, Director, IT Planning, Governance & Security, Curtin University


11:30 |  Techniques for securing cloud data and services

Vijay Varadharajan, Advanced Cyber Security Engineering Research Centre, University of Newcastle


11:50 |  The benefits of adopting IT risk management framework at University

  • Benefits of IT risk management framework
  • How to develop a risk management framework
  • Aligning IT and University risk strategy
  • Understanding what is the Risk Appetite of your university
  • Driving culture change
Darren Bass, Senior Manager IT Risk Management, RMIT University

12:10 | Lunch, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations




13:40 |  Why are some IT projects more successful than others?

  • Is it a clear set of requirements? Good governance? An ability to adapt? Or a combination of these and more
  • Delivering Agile IT Services in Universities- key considerations
  • Learning management system (LMS) case study


14:00 |  Design for evidence-based use of educational technologies

  • Research in the science of learning has uncovered many principles about effective learning
  • Incorporating this evidence into tertiary education has been difficult
  • Design is important for translating from the laboratory to the classroom
  • Helping teachers to develop their capacity in design is therefore critical for evidence-based practice
Dr Jason Lodge, Senior Lecturer, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education, The University of Melbourne

14:20 |  UX: Using lean practices to cut through limited resources at University

  • Journey towards lean UX
  • Identifying and designing interactions with the desired outcomes
  • Technique to maximise the impact of UX whilst eliminating waste
Rodney Zandbergs, Senior Manager UX & Digital Design, RMIT University



14:40 |  Designing learning spaces that engage learners in new ways 

  • Use of emerging technology such as making, design thinking, and Virtual Reality for learning spaces of the future
International keynote to be announced


15:00 | Exciting topic and speaker to be announced

15:20 | Afternoon tea and coffee break, exhibition exploration and expo main stage presentations




15:50 |  Deep listening - impact beyond words

  • The 4 derailers to listening types
  • Listening to the other person is the wrong place to start
  • 5 levels of listening
Oscar Trimboli, Author of Breakthroughs & Deep Listening


16:10 | Grace Under Fire: Secrets of Centred Leadership

  • Three critical aspects of leadership connection that will allow you to double your influence and halve your people stress
  • The secrets of emotional aikido in high stakes conversations that will keep you centered and safe
  • Simple tricks to manage your emotions in any situation
Zoë Routh, Leadership Thought Leader, Trainer and Adventurist, Author of COMPOSURE and MOMENTS

16:30 | End of day two & conference close