A strategic look at the future of education, global trends and developments, the Australian curriculum, and how to lead a 21st century school. Plus, lots of practical advice about how technology can be used to improve teaching and learning.


Leadership & Executive

  • Principals
  • Deputies/Assistant Principals/ Deans
  • Directors/Executive Team
  • Heads of School
  • Heads of Technology/ ICT
  • Directors of Wellbeing and Positive Education


Curriculum Staff

  • Classroom Teachers and Heads of Year
  • Department Heads and Curriculum Coordinators
  • Digital Technologies Coordinators and Heads of eLearning
  • Student Development and Special Needs


School System Leaders

  • Curriculum authorities
  • Peak Bodies / Associations / Spokespersons / Influencers
  • Government, Catholic and Independent Education Departments
  • Education Unions

Teacher Training

  • Pre-Service Teachers and Students
  • Teacher Training Faculty heads and lecturers



  • Gain up to 20 hours of recognised teacher PD
  • Hear global trends in teaching, learning, and effective pedagogy
  • Understand how to foster Professional Learning Networks
  • Find out what you need to do to roll out the new Australian Curriculum - Digital Technologies
  • Explore the best technologies for teaching a host of subjects
  • Discover where inquiry based K-8 science can take you
  • Lift K-10 performance in Mathematics
  • Improve K-10 student literacy
  • See how to set up a maker space in your school, on a limited budget
  • Experience disruptive technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed realities, and see how they can improve teaching and learning
  • Build capacity, confidence and skills in STEM, coding and robotics
  • Discover how to use data and feedback to check if your teaching is working - what are students really learning?
  • Experiment with leading educational technologies, including learning management systems
  • Meet the leaders in K-12 education to be inspired, gain new insights, get new knowledge and build new skills
  • Connect with a range of 21st century approaches
  • See how others are leading their schools, teaching their classrooms, and benefitting from new technologies



  • A Vision for K-12 Education
  • Growth Mindset - Culture and Strategy
  • Leading Capacity for Learning through Professional Learning Communities
  • Schooling in a one to one world
  • Liberating Genius
  • Belief Leads Change
  • PISA: What can we learn from the world's best known and largest assessment?
  • Teaching Tomorrow's Agents of Change
  • Cyberstudents, Neuroscience and the Revolution in Education Technology
  • A whole school Project Based Learning (PBL) Focus
  • STEM: Inquiry Based Learning
  • Maths and Beyond
  • Digital Literacy
  • Physical education: under prioritised - will our children pay the price?
  • Embracing the New Work Order



Be inspired and refreshed by the world leaders in education:

  • Learn how to maximise impact, and accelerate teaching and student learning with a “Growth Mindset”, from world authority Prof. Carol Dweck
  • Don’t miss Mark Scott from the NSW DOE explain the vision, culture and strategy required to lead positive change
  • Bust myths around PISA with Peter Adams, and find out what the data is really telling us
  • Hear from global thinkers and leaders including Scott Davidson, Prof. Caroline McMillen, Dermot O'Gorman, Dr Helen Szoke and Anne Johnston, about how you can respond to pressing issues on the world stage, including the UN’s sustainable development goals, and equal access to quality education.
  • Enjoy a range of inspirational stories, and take a host of effective solutions and strategies back to your schools and classrooms
  • Experience hands-on making and tinkering with the man Apple describes as 'one of the most innovative educators in the world', Abdul Chohen, and learn how to strengthen student learning through challenging play
  • Apply critical and creative thinking to solve problems that matter in a local or global context, with Lee Watanabe Crockett
  • Let Prof. Louise Stoll show you how to develop impactful relationships, and how to lead communities of learning, to build cohesive staff teams, student groups, schools, and systems
  • Be inspired by global innovator Charles Leadbeater
  • Learn how to teach with passion through Angela Maiers, visionary leader Greg Whitby, and inspirational one-of-a-kind Astronaut Chamitoff
  • Network with like-minded educators, strategists, thinkers, tinkers and influencers
  • Find out how to spark and sustain conversations that improve learning with Maxine McKew
  • Learn through many different modalities, in a wide range of spaces and places, including Masterclasses, Plenaries, Breakouts, Workshops and Teachmeets
  • Be a part of the BIGGEST education expo in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Find out how to use mind-mapping to improve thinking, creativity, innovation, and learning
  • Engage in cultural change around Making, Tinkering, and Problem Solving


At the K-12 Ed Leaders Congress this year you will:

  • Get excited as EduTECH moves back to Sydney at the new International Convention Centre
  • Hear short and sweet 20 minute sessions with 20+ speakers over the 2 days
  • Connect with the latest educational trends and trajectories
  • Find out how to improve teaching and learning at your school
  • Get your hands on the best and brightest tools, technologies, hardware, software, products and systems
  • Step into the BIGGEST education expo in the Southern Hemisphere


EduTECHTOP 10 Speakers

  • Prof. Carol Dweck, Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology, Stanford University
  • Abdul Chohan, Director of Development, Essa Academy (UK)
  • Peter Adams, Senior Manager, PISA-based Test for Schools, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Mr Mark Scott AO, Secretary, NSW Department of Education
  • Prof. Louise Stoll, Professor of Professional Learning and International Consultant, London Centre for Leadership in Learning, University College London - Institute of Education
  • Angela Maiers, Leader, Visionary, Entrepreneur, Disruptor, Change Maker and Author, Choose2Matter
  • Lee Watanabe Crockett, President, Global Digital Citizen Foundation
  • Br Patrick Howlett PhD, Principal, Parramatta Marist High School
  • Catherine Misson, Principal, Melbourne Girls Grammar
  • Phillip Heath, Principal, Barker College