Rolling out the new Australian Curriculum - Digital Technologies


If you are involved in education in Australia, for the last twelve months or more you would have heard the clarion call to have all children learning how to code. There are over 3.7 million students in Australian schools but only a small proportion of those students are learning to code and create their own digital solutions to 'big' problems. Today's educators are confronted with the need to have specialised technical skills to be able to effectively teach coding. With 44% (or 5.1m) of Australian jobs at risk from digital disruption, now is the time for change. Innovation and education in STEM is key to Australia's growth. This full day Masterclass will give you the confidence you need to introduce coding to your students.

Who Should Attend?

  • All school Principals and classroom teachers who want to leverage coding and digital technologies thinking in their teaching practice 
  • ICT Integrators / Facilitators and eLearning Coordinators 

Why Attend?

  • This Masterclass will explore the new AC Digital Technologies curriculum in depth, and showcase how schools across Australia are successfully leading the way in its implementation.

  • We will explore the philosophy, vision and culture needed to attain successful delivery of the new curriculum.

  • Learn how partnerships with industry professionals can enrich teaching and learning by developing authentic, real world opportunities that can lead to improved student and teacher motivation, interest and participation, and increased opportunities for innovation.

  • Get students writing about user requirements, and writing for design and showcase during the design lifecycle.

  • Learn through the showcasing and sharing of resources, strategies and pedagogies that school teachers can rely upon to successfully teach kids to code, sparking creativity for educators and students alike.

  • Delegates will participate in a range of hands-on experiences, developing skills and confidence, as well as building a repertoire of resources, strategies and approaches to take away and implement.

What To Bring?

  • Please BYO laptop device, not just a tablet or iPad. Wireless Internet is provided.