Anatoli Kovalev | Program Manager - Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Education
University Of NSW | Australia

Anatoli Kovalev, Program Manager - Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Education, University Of NSW

Anatoli conceptualised and developed the first educational program in Australia conducted by an operational unit to assist the University in developing the graduate capabilities of its students. 
A unique aspect of the program is the opportunity for students to conceptualise and build internal innovation projects aligned with UNSW’s 2025 strategy. The program’s name originates from students ideating projects and acting as Heroes driving positive change within UNSW. This highlights the program’s experiential learning framework focused on career development which provides a safe environment for students to express their creativity, trial and build on their ideas, and learn from their experiences. 
In his current role, Anatoli leads integration of the UNSW Sydney Academic and Operational resources to allow UNSW Students to gain practical work experience through participation in internal projects aimed at improving UNSW Sydney in the long run.


Day 2 @ 09:30

UNSW Hero Program case study: Student-driven innovation for universities

  • Discover the first program in Australia that gets students and their professional work experience to design their own learning experience and environment
  • How universities can work with students to design and develop internal innovation projects at your university
  • Lessons learned from project, and how you can successfully achieve great collaboration with students, operational and educational staff

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