Andrew Ford | Director of Research, Learning Environment Design
Sebel | Australia

Andrew Ford, Director of Research, Learning Environment Design, Sebel

As an Edu. Change Agent and 'ED-ruptor', Andrew has been heavily involved in helping educators and learn to develop meaningful pathways for positive disruption and transformation of the learning environment to re-engage and enliven the learners. He is a fanatical researcher on Human-Centred Design and Participatory Action Research and currently doing a PhD involving these issues. Since 2015 Andrew has worked with Sebel Furniture to develop and facilitate the development of design attributes of function, form and fit within multi-modal and experiential learning and workplaces. He recently assisted launched in the launch of the Sebel 'Hybrid' Learning Environment - a space that can, through minimal and defined movements, create a 'flow' to the daily learning experience of users. Andrew is also working on plans for an industry immersion model for tertiary and secondary education to improve funding for education facilities and subject relevance for the industry. Andrew is passionate about transformation to learning to engage the future workforces of our nations. Andrew’s 2014 TED-X talk on delivering change references evidence of systemic problems in education, which have only been re-enforced by the latest PISA results which show a continued decline.


Day 1 @ 14:00

03 | BREAKOUT: Ensuring successful transformation at your school

30 mins

A transformation management workshop 
The design scaffold of the Innovative Learning Environment (ILE) has been resolved (for now). 
With an expansive list of inclusions and features, affordances and constraints are included to support the pedagogical approaches of individual schools, allowing for adaptation and experimentation. 

Change is easy. Delivering meaningful future-focused transformation, user activation and engagement, is much more challenging.

Included: The design scaffold for ILEs; Preparing stakeholders; and Case Studies. Working collaboratively, delegates will consider strategy, methods and tasks to deliver sustainable transformative objectives.

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