Andrew Ford | National Education Sector Manager
Forbo Floorcoverings Pty Limited | Australia

Andrew Ford, National Education Sector Manager, Forbo Floorcoverings Pty Limited

Researching learning environment design to make sense of the implications of space as a catalyst to improve user performance within schools and tertiary institutions. Using transformation management and co-creative PAR design methodologies, Andrew works to enable and empower users. Working & learning should be enjoyable and purposeful, achieving both the required and desired outcomes.

Now undertaking a Ph.D. on the refinement of design thinking processes for problem-solving and sustainable transformation; A constructive disruption process to impact and shift user mindsets is being tested to create substantial and sustainable transformation within education and workplace settings.


Day 2 @ 10:40

The Sustainable Innovative Learning Environment

A pragmatic yet beautiful approach to product & material choices to incorporate within future-focused learning environment design.With over 10 years’ experience designing furniture and fittings for new multi-modal learning environments, Andrew has extensive knowledge on the best materials for use within a future-focused learning environment. He will share this knowledge and how it can be used to further enhance the spatial design and how it can be adapted to suit different users at different times for different activities.This environment must be robust, healthy for users and to ensure it is sustainable; engaging.The talk will consider what multi-modal learning environments might look like, what furniture is best for each space, as well as what to be wary of. The talk will consider design concepts of affordance, constructive constraints, and the signifiers that can improve user engagement. He will also share his research on material choices. Finally, Andrew will share his latest work on using the constructed design to trigger augmented reality.

Day 2 @ 11:00

Roundtable 31: The Process to create an Innovative Learning Space that suits You; Spatial constraints that deliver deeper learning

Every learner is different and so is every teacher. A well-designed space is adaptive for all. This workshop will empower educators and designers with a pragmatic approach to setting up a learning space using the existing constraints and affordances; and the creation of learning activity signifiers that can be used to deliver deeper learning experiences
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