Bill Cohen | Teacher Librarian/ ICT Integrator
Asquith Girls High School | Australia

Bill Cohen, Teacher Librarian/ ICT Integrator, Asquith Girls High School

Originally a classroom teacher with experience across the public and private school systems, Bill Cohen is the Teacher Librarian and ICT Integrator at Asquith Girls High School. At Asquith Girls he runs a variety of co-curricular activities, teaches the Authentic Learning elective 'The Art of Game Design', and recently oversaw the first major redesign of the library's learning spaces in over a decade. Bill has also worked as the Education Content Manager for a national education website, delivered workshops on social action and global citizenship to student groups ranging from 15-150 in size, and written extensively on technology and education for the ABC. He has previously spoken at conferences such as EduTECH, the 2016 and 2017 Australian Curriculum Symposium, the 2017 Australian School Library Association's Conference, and a range of TeachMeets. Against all expectations, he's OK with you dog-earing the pages on your books.


Day 2 @ 14:00

02 | Don't teach games - teach game design

  • Discover a fast-paced, custom-designed elective that smashes together collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking - LOUDLY!
  • Learn about the design principles and psychology underlying everything from high-budget video games to card games and outdoor games
  • Explore the ways game design and gamified thinking can help your students (and your staff!) understand the world around them

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