Brennon Dowrick | Former Olympian
Gold Medalist | Australia

Brennon Dowrick, Former Olympian, Gold Medalist

Don’t miss Brennon’s closing plenary live performance and presentation! You’ll be motivated, shown how to really focus, and live out your passion(s). 
After competing at two Olympic Games, three Commonwealth Games and 7 Gymnastics World Championships – Brennon Dowrick knows a lot about succeeding, teamwork, productivity, and performance. Spending 18 years on scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport Brennon discovered the importance of surrounding himself with a strong team and perfecting the basics to achieve as well as taking every opportunity presented to him to allow him to achieve his Olympic dream. In 2014 Brennon and his wife Kym Hunter for purpose business Champion Life, an online program for schools to engage kids in developing lifelong healthy habits.


Day 1 @ 17:30

Building success on strong foundations

  • Teamwork: everything is better when you have support and leadership
  • Foundations: Success builds from strong foundations and it’s never too late to focus on quality training
  • Brennon’s lifelong secret to success

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