Cameron Nicholls | Principal
Trafalgar Primary School | Australia

Cameron Nicholls, Principal, Trafalgar Primary School

As Chair of the Education Technology Consortium Victoria (ETCV), Cameron Nicholls leads collaboration between the IT Managers and curriculum leaders driving some of Victoria most innovative School IT programs.  ETCV strives to bridge the gap between teachers and technology specialist in order to improve school outcomes.
Cameron is currently Principal of Trafalgar Primary School, a rural school located 120 kilometres from Melbourne in one of the fastest growing areas of the state.  He has previously worked as a Secondary School Principal, Assistant Principal and as a Music teacher has worked at the intersection of technology and art for many years teaching music recording and production, including theatrical sound and lighting. 
Cameron was a finalist for the Victorian Secondary Teacher of the Year in 2013, being recognised for his outstanding teaching practice and his leadership of teaching and learning practices both locally and at the system level.  Of particular note were his leadership and implementation of ICT initiatives to improve student outcomes, that have been totally integrated into whole school management including student management, assessment/reporting, accountability, the provision of welfare services, community engagement strategies, and most importantly, student learning.


Day 2 @ 09:50

The 7 Step Roadmap to IT success

Consider the growing ecosystem within schools, comprising of many components from the infrastructure, to a growing list of peripheral devices. - Discover the complexity of managing privacy, security, and the duty of care required when working with children - Take away a 7 Step Roadmap for the development of a sophisticated IT network that supports improving student outcomes. - Understand the framework for maintaining the confidence of end users as new technology is introduced

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