Darren Coppin | Chief Executive
Esher House | Australia

Darren Coppin, Chief Executive, Esher House

Darren is a behavioural scientist with the Australian Catholic University. He is also CEO and Head of Research of Esher House, an Australia-based consultancy that delivers “Policy Outcomes Through Science” across several countries for the education and employment sectors. Much of his organisation’s work is via the Australian Departments of Social Security, Employment and Education, resulting in world-leading increases in policy outcomes for less expenditure. His organisation has recently joined the JobReady Group, an IT company that enables Esher House to maximise the implementation of their predictive analytic, AI, big data, smartphone and behavioural economic tools.


Day 1 @ 11:20

Disruption in the VET sector: fallacy & fact

  • Understand the behavioural insights behind the apprentice dropout rate
  • Discover how robot, disruptive, and predictive technologies can humanise your organisation
  • Learn from international case studies on using simple behavioural science to halve your staff attrition rates

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