David St George | Former Director, Brand, Marketing and Communication
Tafe Queensland | Australia

David St George, Former Director, Brand, Marketing and Communication, Tafe Queensland

David is an multi-award winning marketing and communications professional with over 20 years experience, including two and a half years with QSuper as Head of Group Marketing, two years with the Phillips Group as Director Marketing; four years as CEO of RedChilli Marketing; two and a half years with Brisbane City Council (BCC), with 14 months as Organisational Communication Director; five years with Mercer Human Resources Consulting including Head of the Sydney Communication Practice and over two years as Account Service Director at HRD Advertising and Marketing. Holds Bachelor of Business Communications Degree. Council Member Public Relations Institute of Australia (Qld Division).


Day 1 @ 12:40

Ethical marketing and promo practices

  • Learn how to market yourself and your team to stand out
  • Discover how you can set yourself apart as a premium organisation
  • Learn how to create and manage effective content

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