Gary Stager | Founder
Constructing Modern Knowledge | United States

Gary Stager, Founder, Constructing Modern Knowledge


Day 2 @ 12:10

Beyond creativity: educating for an uncertain world

Join Dr. Gary Stager as he makes the case for embracing modernity as a way of preserving the finest traditions of child development and preparing children to solve problems neither their parents or teachers can imagine. As a father, grandfather, and veteran educator, Gary remains optimistic that each kid can realize their potential if parents and educators are courageous enough to stand on the side of children. During his presentation, Gary will illustrate how learning-by-doing, new technological materials, and timeless craft traditions can supercharge the learning process. He will encourage us to educate for the future of our kids, rather than our past, and demonstrate how not all screens are created equally. Along the way, he will share evidence of educators more than up to this herculean challenge.

Expo Main Stage - Day Two @ 12:50

Education on the couch - a conversation with Prof. Stephen Heppell & Dr. Gary Stager

Two edtech pioneers separated by a common language

Listen in on a freewheeling conversation between two accomplished educators, Prof. Stephen Heppell (US) and Gary Stager, as they discuss the current state of education, the role of technology in shaping our future, and lessons learned over decades of experience shaping classroom practice. Amidst the serious dialogue, hilarity will inevitably ensue!


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