Dr Grainne Oates | Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Swinburne University | Australia

Dr Grainne Oates, Senior Lecturer in Accounting, Swinburne University

Dr Grainne's primary research interests are in learning and teaching with a special focus on teaching innovations to enhance the student experience and learning outcomes. She recently developed 'Quitch' a content neutral gamified mobile learning platform to enhance the first year student experience. The platform has now been trialled in more than 110 Universities across the world. Student feedback has been very positive. Grainne also publishes on topics relating decision-making in local government, including how the quality of councillors impact on performance, both environmental performance and also on the quality of accounting earnings of local governments.  Grainne has earned more than $175,000 in research funding. Grainne is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government (JCIBG). Prior to joining academia Grainne had a successful 13 year career in the pharmaceutical industry working for CSL.


Day 1 @ 15:10

Improving student engagement by 12% through award winning innovative educational technology

  • Learn how to engage students through gamification and increase average grade by 7%
  • Discover how to get students to enjoy the experience of learning and decrease failure rates through mobile first technology
  • Learn how to identify at risk students early and engage them in active learning

Expo Main Stage - Day One @ 12:20

Emerging trends in student engagement through innovative platforms

The modern student is expecting to engage in their education differently.  They are expecting education institutions and providers to provide innovative communication tools, pedagogy and collaboration platforms.  The panel will discuss the emerging trends in engaging students:
  • The global trends being seen and how Australia is responding
  • Is Australia leading or following these trends?
  • Is there a connection between engagement and the platform?
  • What the big lessons to consider with introducing an innovative platform?

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