Prof. Guy Claxton | Visiting Professor of Education
King's College London | United Kingdom

Prof. Guy Claxton, Visiting Professor of Education, King's College London

Guy Claxton is a cognitive scientist with a long-standing passion for bringing the mind sciences to bear on the improvement of schools. He has made both practical and academic contributions to education through a series of books that include What's the Point of School?, Building Learning Power, Wise Up: The Challenge of Lifelong Learning, and (with Bill Lucas) New Kinds of Smart and Educating Ruby. His latest book, The Learning Power Approach: Teaching Learners to Teach Themselves, with a foreword by Carol Dweck, was published worldwide in November 2017. His Building Learning Power approach has been influential in schools in many countries including Ireland, Poland, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina and Chile, as well as throughout the UK.


Day 1 @ 11:40

Mind-Fit for life: designing the learning power classroom

  • Hear why supporting focussed professional development for all teachers in a school is the most important leadership role there is
  • Learn about the three layers of teaching that every teacher employs, and why Layer 3 is the most important - and the most neglected
  • Discover the small, smart tweaks to teaching that turn compliant learners into enthusiastic explorers

Day 1 @ 12:20

The body in mind: why VET is leading the way to 21st century education

  • Hear about the new science of embodied intelligence which is turning the traditional ‘hierarchy of esteem’ of school and college subjects on its head
  • Discover why VET subjects are the most powerful incubators of the general capabilities in the curriculum
  • Learn how to cultivate the habits of mind that underpin craftsmanship in every vocational area

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