James Hourn | Commercial Manager
JobReady | Australia

James Hourn, Commercial Manager, JobReady

Having arrived at JobReady in 2012, James’ background in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector led to an initial focus on expanding the reach of JobReady’s student management system for RTOs. With a sales and consulting focus, he worked with hundreds of education providers to successfully implement the JobReady platform and improve their business.
James has since progressed through a variety of roles including time in product management, business development and delivery, affording him a broad knowledge of the JobReady business. This experience across a range of disciplines and customer experiences has resulted in a greater understanding of what both the market and JobReady customers need in order to operate successfully.
James also manages the sales team and account management programs and is responsible for the overall JobReady market and partnerships strategy.


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How to get students ready for the workforce

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