James Stewart | Director of ICT & Learning
Barker College | Australia

James Stewart, Director of ICT & Learning, Barker College

James is a passionate Educator and ICT Professional with 18 years of experience in the NSW Private Education sector. His passion is to develop, facilitate and support information communication and learning technologies to support 21st Century learning, promote schools as institutions of excellence, and encourage students to be resilient learners that can adapt to the challenges of the modern world.
As a firm believer in the benefits of utilising technology within education to promote active and collaborative learning as well as deeper understanding, he does not believe in the usage of technology for technology's sake as learning needs and outcomes should always drive the implementation and usage of technology within teaching and learning. James is a proven advocate for eLearning and blended learning in K‐12 education, in particular when using these learning methods to increase differentiation and provide flexible, self‐paced learning environments that promote learner creativity, exploration and resilience.

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