Jason Lodge | Research Fellow
Science of Learning Research Centre University of Melbourne | Australia

Jason Lodge, Research Fellow, Science of Learning Research Centre University of Melbourne

Jason's is an expert on cognitive science, educational psychology, higher education and educational technology. 

His research focuses on the cognitive and emotional factors that influence student learning and the student experience in adult educational settings. Jason is interested in how educational technology is influencing the development of metacognition, critical thinking, expertise and professional ways of being and is part of the Educational Technology Research Group.


Day 2 @ 14:00

Design for evidence-based use of educational technologies

  •     Research in the science of learning has uncovered many principles about effective learning 
  •     Incorporating this evidence into tertiary education has been difficult 
  •     Design is important for translating from the laboratory to the classroom 
  •     Helping teachers to develop their capacity in design is therefore critical for evidence-based practice  

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