Jennie Vine | Assistant Principal
Wooranna Park Primary School | Australia

Jennie Vine, Assistant Principal, Wooranna Park Primary School

Jennie has worked in both private and government educational sectors for over 30 years, starting in secondary and then eventually transferring into primary, whilst raising three children. Jennies roles over this time have varied, including: Head of the Drama Department and Creative Arts, producing multiple yearly, large scale plays with secondary students, Literacy co-ordinator, Toast Masters Speech coach (secondary students), Educational lead with Helen O’Grady’s Drama Academy (after school programs, Brisbane and Melbourne), Head of Innovations at Wooranna Park.


Day 1 @ 12:30

The enigma mission towards deep learning

  • How to infinitely engage your educators and students, and prepare them for life
  • Discover innovative learning symposiums and case studies on multi-aged, complex and long-term research projects
  • How your educators need to move with your students - educators shifting from the role of an ‘assessors’ to ‘knowledge architects’

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