Jo Mithen | Chief Executive Officer
Monash College | Australia

Jo Mithen, Chief Executive Officer, Monash College

As a Monash University alumna, Jo is a proud advocate of the power of an excellent education and the opportunities it provides. She joined Monash College in 2008 as Chief Executive Officer. Having worked at senior levels with universities for more than 15 years, her expertise lies in her ability to recognise market trends and affect change.

Under her leadership, the company has tripled student enrolments and strengthened the quality of graduates entering the University. Monash College is the largest University owned entity of its type in Australia and continues to grow at double digit rates annually. 

A member of Monash University's Senior Leadership Team, Jo has developed robust partnerships between Monash College and the University faculties. Monash College delivers a range of solutions to issues such as student diversity, graduate employability, employer interface and teaching disruption. Jo has also extended international College partners, invested to diversify College leadership succession and unified the College under a single vision.

She is passionate about people and has focused her career on transforming business and culture. As a leader, she values accountability, fosters innovation and inspires excellence.
Jo's international experience provides a deep understanding of issues facing education and markets around the world. During her six years as CEO at the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), she represented Asia on the World Federation of Personnel Management Association Board. Since then, she has continually travelled and conducted business outside of Australia, particularly across Asia.


Day 2 @ 11:30

Industry engagement to create better opportunities for students

  • Insights into Monash Talent: Learning how to solve skills challenges facing industries
  • Aligning VET with current industry practice
  • Using technology to find the right graduates to the industry
  • Discover how to match services to make sure right candidate aligned to right role

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