Dr John Collick | Senior Education Consultant
Promethean Ltd | United Kingdom

Dr John Collick, Senior Education Consultant, Promethean Ltd

Dr John Collick is Senior Education Consultant for Promethean, a world leader in interactive classroom technology. He works closely with Ministries of Education to develop solutions to meet the needs of 21st Century education systems worldwide. Dr Collick is an internationally renowned speaker and expert on the educational and social impact of technology. He also lectures on innovative learning strategies, critical and creative thinking, and transhumanism, specifically the current revolution in the way that people interact with machines and intelligent systems. He is the author of several books and novels, and articles on literature, media, ICT and learning.


Day 2 @ 10:10

Mind Games - how and why game-based and immersive learning are effective

Game-based learning is increasingly being used in the classroom to motivate students and develop compelling and exciting learning scenarios. When combined with interactive technologies to increase collaboration, gamification provides an effective way of creating an immersive learning environment.
But are games effective, and if so why? The latest developments in neuroscience and research on how the brain develops suggest that games tap into several key areas of the mind in a way that drastically enhances its ability to process information, coding experience and develop skills and understanding. Furthermore, immersive gaming based on 3D landscapes, architecture and narrative can provide a powerful basis for the development of memory and creativity.
This presentation will link the main characteristics of successful games (Resource placement, 3D, Role-playing, Walking Games, World Building etc) with the functions of the learning mind to demonstrate how and why playing taps into key cognitive systems. It will also provide practical suggestions for using the different types of games alongside existing interactive technologies in the classroom.

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