Jonathan Walter | Principal
Woodleigh School | Australia

Jonathan Walter, Principal, Woodleigh School

Jonathan is regarded nationally as a specialist in experiential education and has a history of developing innovative learning programs for students which engage them in active learning and meet their individual learning needs. 
Jonathan began his educational experience working in Outdoor Education programs, then transitioned into middle year program, and now he leads Woodleigh School which is renowned for its creative and innovative student-centred learning programs. Currently Woodleigh is working to transform it educational model to acknowledge a boarder talent base than an ATAR can measure.
Part of this model includes The Experiential Learning Project (ELP) is a senior secondary course focused on real-world learning. Complimentary to the VCE, the ELP nurtures innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship by providing a rigorous, personalised pathway for students to pursue their interests and passions through Years 11 and 12. The course helps students to develop the skills and knowledge required to be successful in their particular field of interest, along with the opportunity to earn formalised credentials with university partners and gain work experience through job placements with partner organisations. A central focus for the learning is on the practical application of knowledge, skills, strategies and approaches to real-life initiatives and challenges. The course uses a combination of independent project work, seminars, workshops, and online assignments, as well as the opportunity to learn with peers and from external experts.


Day 2 @ 09:10

The Experiential Learning Project

  • Discuss how to move from generating buy-in to proof of concept and gaining partnerships with industry, mentors and tertiary institutions
  • Moving beyond the ATAR as a sufficient measurement of success – an analysis of Woodleigh’s success on experiential and applied learning
  • Outline key learnings from research in relation to student accreditation, pilot projects and the experiences of staff and students

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