Lisa Inglis | Teacher
Claremont College | Australia

Lisa Inglis, Teacher, Claremont College

Lisa has completed a Bachelor of International Studies majoring in cross-cultural communication at Macquarie University. She has completed a Masters of Teaching (Primary) at the University of Sydney and began working at Claremont College in 2015 as a practical student. Lisa then earned a role as an intern teacher where she was mentored by the classroom teacher, offering support and assistance to the teaching team in a co-teaching classroom. She is now working as a classroom teacher on Year 4 and will be teaching Japanese 1 day a week from 2018 along with 4 days/week on class. Lisa works with a team including learning support, teaching and learning assistant and executive teachers to ensure the best learning opportunities for her students.


Day 2 @ 14:00

06 | BREAKOUT: How co-teaching in flexible learning spaces maximises student outcomes

30 mins 

This workshop will explore the steps that have taken place at Claremont College from opening up single cell classrooms to become open planned learning spaces to embedding co-teaching and then tracking evidence of improved student outcomes.

In the words of Anthony Muhammad ‘cultural change eats structural change for breakfast’, so this workshop will look at the challenging aspects of changing both a school’s structure and culture.

You will also see:
The structural transformation that has taken place.

You will hear from:
Educators who have been through the transformation from the beginning, and an educator who has more recently joined the Claremont team.

The Claremont College speakers will then take you through the job-embedded professional learning that has developed, to grow the capacity of the teachers to work in a co-teaching environment, including:
  • The Co-Teaching Models - What Co-Teaching Looks like
  • Courageous Conversations to Professional Dialogue
  • Working in Teams
  • Best Practice at Claremont College
  • Collaborative Professional Development Walkthroughs
There will be many take-home messages from this session as well as practical examples of how to plan and implement these job-embedded professional learning days.

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