Louise Barnott-Clement | Principal
Ambarvale High School | Australia

Louise Barnott-Clement, Principal, Ambarvale High School

Louise passionately believes that education is the great societal equaliser, and has the power to lift young adults onto a platform of choice, which in turn positions them to navigate a purposeful and happy life. Louise works with her team to develop and drive innovative pedagogies and programs within her school, with a focus on student impact and our collective responsibility to ensure innovation and experimentation in learning spaces are a positive experience for all.
As Principal of Ambarvale High School for over 10 years, Louise's background is a Masters Degrees in Educational Leadership and Writing. She is also currently completing postgraduate studies in Positive Psychology – all targeted to enhance and complement her work with young adults and staff.


Day 2 @ 11:50

Exploring the real outcomes and impact of large scale innovative pedagogies in a comprehensive high school

  • At what cost do we venture into innovative pedagogies?
  • How do we ensure we respect and take responsibility for every child's learning?
  • What does deep and sustained teacher collaboration look like, and what are the challenges?

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