Louise Park | Literacy expert & children's author | Australia

Louise Park, , Literacy expert & children's author

For Louise, ensuring handwriting is practiced in the classroom and at home from an early age is a crucial step in ensuring all children have the necessary skills for a brighter future.
Louise is an esteemed Australian children’s author and educator, and is the Bright Futures Are Written By Hand campaign ambassador for BIC Australia and New Zealand.
Louise has been an advocate for children’s literacy for over 25 years. With a background in education and children’s publishing, she has been able to share best practice in literacy from both sides: in the classroom and through resources and materials used to help children improve their literacy in reading and writing.
Today, Louise, in partnership with BIC, is a spokesperson for the benefits of handwriting and provides valuable workshops and seminars on how to engage children in the classroom today. Her passions include: discussing and finding solutions for the fact that, despite technology plays a more prevalent role in education, the importance of handwriting in the 21st Century is still relevant and unlocks critical cognitive and physical benefits.


Day 2 @ 09:50

Should we be concerned with the emerging threat of digital dementia?

  • Analysis of the emerging threats of digital dementia and the critical cognitive and physical benefits of handwriting
  • How to find the right balance between setting students up with future technologies and maintaining fundamental learning skills
  • How to engage and ensure students are practicing handwriting in the classroom and at home from an early age

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