Lucas Rizzotto | Immersive experience designer
AR/VR creator | United States

Lucas Rizzotto, Immersive experience designer, AR/VR creator

Lucas is an award winning XR creator, technologist, designer, artist and composer with the firm belief that Mixed and Virtual Reality have the potential to supercharge human learning through the development of memorable interactive experiences.
Mixed Reality allows us to redesign education in a way that wasn’t possible before. As education for the most part tends to be passive, Lucas’ creations allows the student to see the effects in real time – turning education into more of a ‘sandbox’ experience. His work stems from his own personal experiences and struggles throughout his education experience; turning highly abstract lessons into visual, interactive and fun educational experiences.


Day 2 @ 16:10

PLENARY | The great learning expansion

  • The story of personalised learning to experiential learning to mastery-based learning
  • Demonstrations of how A.I. and immersive technology will reshape learning forever
  • Give practical advice on what you think Principals and Teachers can do to take that step up to improve education

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