Mark Tyler | Inspector, Technology Education
NSW Education Standards Authority | Australia

Mark Tyler, Inspector, Technology Education, NSW Education Standards Authority

The Inspector, Technology Education is responsible for providing statewide leadership in curriculum development across Key Learning Areas and with particular responsibility for the Technology Education Learning Area. The role provides advice on BOSTES’ regulatory programs for registration and accreditation of schools and schooling systems, providers of courses for students from overseas, teacher accreditation authorities and home schooling families in accordance with relevant legislation and government, NESA and Executive objectives within a context of strategic consultation with key stakeholders.


Day 2 @ 14:00

10 | BREAKOUT: Changes to NSW K-12 STEM syllabuses

30 mins 

This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to listen to the NESA inspectors involved and hear about changes to the:
  • NSW Science and Technology K-6 Syllabus
  • NSW Mandatory Technology Years 7-8 Syllabus
  • Suite of Year 11 and 12 Science Syllabuses including the new Extension Science Syllabus

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