Dr Michael Cowling | Senior Lecturer in Educational Technology
Central Queensland University | Australia

Dr Michael Cowling, Senior Lecturer in Educational Technology, Central Queensland University

Dr Michael is an information technologist with a keen interest in educational technology and technology ubiquity in the digital age, especially as it relates to the use of mixed reality in skills training, the changing technology culture in education, and the specific needs of students from non-English speaking backgrounds. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering & Technology at Central Queensland University Australia. 

Dr Cowling is currently a partner in an OLT Innovation and Development grant and is the recipient of 3 CQUniversity Learning and Teaching grants related to teaching technology. He is a recipient of an Australian Government Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, is a three time recipient of a CQUniversity Learning & Teaching Award, and gained a CQUniversity Student Voice Commendation for his teaching practice in 2014. He is a regular contributor to media outlet The Conversation and is also a regular contributor in Australian radio and print media on the topics of Educational Technology and Technology Ubiquity.
Dr Cowling has a passion for the practical application of technology in the classroom, with a focus specifically on not just bolting technology onto a classroom setting, but instead investigating how technology can be weaved into the pedagogy of a classroom setting. Living by the mantra “pedagogy before technology”, Michael works to help teachers and academics to innovate with technology to improve their students motivation and learning outcomes, leveraging technology as a tool to improve the overall education process, not a another resource that will gather dust in the corner of a classroom.
Michael's teaching interests include a broad-range of business and IT/IS subjects, including Systems Management, Systems Analysis, Organisational Behaviour, Network Security & Database Management. His research interests include educational technology, mixed reality, robotics, signal processing & artificial intelligence.


Day 2 @ 09:10

Distant learning through AR: How AR has helped paramedic students 'VISUALISE' skills

  • Learn how AR can be used to provide distant learning
  • Discover how to provide more opportunity for distance students through AR and mixed-media visualisations
  • Build your student's confidence level through digital engagement

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