Michael Roberts | Principal
Arcadia College / The Spot Academy | Australia

Michael Roberts, Principal, Arcadia College / The Spot Academy

(Gonski 2 Panellist & Principal of Arcadia College & The Spot Academy)

Michael was selected to serve on the recent “Gonski 2” panel. He became a school principal in Queensland 22 years ago at a small school in western Queensland and has been a principal of ten schools across the state. 

In 2009 he left Australia to work for a Singaporean education company in South East Asia as an advisor to the CEO. Highlights of his tenure in Asia were the construction of a quality assurance process used across Vietnam which was based on the ISO 9000 Quality Management System and the Singapore Ministry of Education Quality Schools Framework. He also led the integration of the Singapore and Australian curriculum to be used by international and Vietnamese students. 

Michael was recently the Principal of Broadbeach Independent Public School. During his tenure, Broadbeach progressed from achieving average results, to being regarded as the highest performing primary school in the South East Queensland Region and when compared to similar schools, the highest performing in Australia. Upon leaving Broadbeach, Michael became the Executive Director of Schools for Good to Great Schools Australia where he travelled across Australia to support partner schools. Michael is now Executive Principal of the Arcadia Group of schools which support disengaged youth and is also the Executive Director of the consultancy business COGlearn.

Michael has an Honours degree in Psychological Science and regularly incorporates the research-based principles he has learned from this to improve both student learning and staff performance.


Day 1 @ 14:40

Operationalising the Gonski agenda in schools

  • Why we need school reform in Australia
  • The practical applications from the Gonski agenda
  • Driving school improvement
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