Michael Saxon | Principal
Liverpool Boys High School | Australia

Michael Saxon, Principal, Liverpool Boys High School

Michael is pioneering the assessment of 21st Century Skills across the entire school. He has lead the adoption of project based learning across years 7 – 10 in cross-curricula projects where student passion, choice and capabilities are the hallmarks. He is part of the UTS  research project to ensure leading-edge assessment that fosters student engagement and provides feedback on capability development.


Day 2 @ 10:00

22nd Century Skills: Future-proofing Assessment

  • Future-proofed systems need diversity - why do we push students through a system that wipes out diversity and replaces it with a single number, grade or ranking?
  • If we are going to retain diversity we need software to capture it with a better framework than employability lists and soon-to-be-outdated 21st Century skills
  • Students need to feel that assessment is for their own development and engage with it on that basis - teacher feedback needs to happen after or alongside their own
last published: 24/May/19 06:25 GMT

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