Monica Williams | Educational Consultant
Association of Independant Schools SA | Australia

Monica Williams, Educational Consultant, Association of Independant Schools SA

Monica has been leading educational change in Digital Technologies, pedagogy, literacy and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education for 20 years, working at the local, sector and national levels. Recently Monica's work in the technology space has focused on sector initiatives in emerging technologies, STEM and mentoring school leaders in implementing the new Digital Technologies curriculum. As part of this work, she has been investigating how innovative technologies are a catalyst for transformational changes in the roles of teacher and learner. Monica provides professional learning on programming humanoid robots and the pedagogical practices that promote deep student learning in computational thinking and programming. She works with school leaders to build capacity in schools to embed software into effective pedagogical practices. Monica is a strong advocate of reconciliation and mentors leaders in project management strategies that embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into school culture and innovative classroom practices.


Day 2 @ 14:00

09 | BREAKOUT: Emerging technologies; will they add value to the learning in your school?

30 mins
  • What are emerging technologies and why are they important in ELC – Year 12 education?
  • Explore the opportunities and challenges when implementing emerging technologies in schools and ELCs and learn how it can be done using an innovative project design
  • Discover what happens to student learning and teacher learning and understand why emerging technologies change the way educators view digital technologies
  • This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to explore strategies to embed emerging technologies in the ELC –Year 12 context. As part of this workshop participants will learn how the ‘Humanoid Robot Research Project’ implementation transformed the experience for students, teachers and school leaders in independent schools in South Australia. This team project won the 2017 Australian Computer Society Digital Disruptors Awards for ‘Service Transformation for the Digital Consumer.’

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