Natalie Lloyd | Academic Director
University of Technology Sydney | Australia

Natalie Lloyd, Academic Director, University of Technology Sydney

Natalie Lloyd has led a range of educational, equity, sustainability and engineering research projects at Curtin University and the University of Technology Sydney. This includes research projects exploring; issues of gender in student experiences in first-year engineering classrooms, impact of creating critical mass classrooms, the challenges for equitable discourse in globalisation of engineering education and accreditation, gendered perceptions of English language development in engineering higher education, e-portfolios, transformative teaching scholarship, industry-engaged curriculum and project-based learning. Natalie’s expertise is grounded in engineering practice and education and strengthened by her lived-experiences as a WINTA.


Day 2 @ 12:30

Fostering inclusive entrepreneurial ability in higher education

  • Provide an overview of entrepreneurial education at UTS and in the disciplines of Engineering and IT—blending curricular & co-curricular experiences to prepare students for the future of work
  • Share examples of entrepreneurial WIL (work integrated learning) approaches for skills practice in design, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Describe how innovations to practice-based entrepreneurial education are preparing students to lead innovation and fostering inclusion by engaging them as co-facilitators teaching applied innovation practices, as consultants assisting organisations to design innovations in the workplace and as project managers in startups and university-industry partnerships leading agile product and service development.
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