Nicholas Ridis | Director
Australian Marketing Institute | Australia

Nicholas Ridis, Director, Australian Marketing Institute

Nicholas Ridis is a Course Coordinator, Lecturer and Tutor in Business (Marketing, Management and Accounting) at multiple Sydney Universities with direct teaching contact of 95,000+ University students over 19 years. Also a Director of the Australian Marketing Institute, where our purpose is to advance the marketing profession and ensure our members have the resources to fuel their abilities for future career growth.


Day 2 @ 09:40

Enhance your career and maintain your competitive advantage through credentialing, certification and accreditation

  • How belonging to a professional association fosters member collaboration, networking and access to professional development opportunities, including knowledge sharing, content and thought leadership
  • The importance of working collaboratively with marketing academia, including course accreditation and endorsement to ensure the quality of skilled Marketing graduates in our profession
  • How certification and accreditation elevates the profession of marketing by recognising only qualified practitioners who are recognised by your peers for your experience and qualifications
last published: 18/Apr/19 06:05 GMT

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