Dr Pak Tee Ng | Associate Dean, Leadership Learning
National Institute of Education Singapore | Singapore

Dr Pak Tee Ng, Associate Dean, Leadership Learning, National Institute of Education Singapore

Dr Pak Tee Ng advises global education systems in a highly entertaining and widely respected way. He oversees and teaches in milestone executive programmes for leaders in Singapore schools (Principal-ship and Head-of-Department-ship). Pak Tee’s main areas of teaching, research, training and consultancy at NIE are Educational Leadership, Educational Policies, Learning Organisation, Change Management, Innovation, Complexity, and Coaching.  He has authored several books and numerous journal articles, book chapters and conference papers.  His latest book, Learning from Singapore: The Power of Paradoxes, is one of Routledge’s fastest-selling titles in 2017.
We are honoured to have Pak Tee tell us of Singapore’s education journey from a struggling system to one that is hailed internationally as effective and successful, which came through hard work and tenacity of many education policymakers, practitioners and teacher educators. 
You will find intriguing how the Singapore education system is strengthened by embracing the creative tensions generated by four paradoxes: timely change and timeless constants, centralisation and decentralisation, meritocracy and compassion, and teaching less and learning more.


Day 1 @ 17:10

Learning from Singapore: the power of paradoxes

  • Examine an education system that embraces timely change and timeless constraints, centralisation and decentralisation, teaching less and learning more
  • Understand the key success factors of Singapore’s education system
  • Learn the eye-opening difference between acing an examination vs appreciation of subject

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