Paul Fallon | CIo
W Shared Services | New Zealand

Paul Fallon, CIo, W Shared Services

Paul is the CIO/CTO of W2 Shared Services in New Zealand, a wholly owned business of WelTec and Whitireia Polytechnics.  He was brought in nearly four years ago to manage the transition of ICT Services people, processes, and technology from the two separate polytechnics, to a single shared services unit that provides efficient services to WelTec and Whitireia.  Paul has worked in both the tertiary space and large private sector organisations in New Zealand, Bahrain, and the UK.


Day 1 @ 11:40

Aligning academic direction with IT development

Educator & IT perspective on how we are working together 

Day 1 @ 14:50

Lessons from a cloud migration

In 2015 W2 went to tender for an Infrastructure as a Service partner and have spent the last couple of years completing a migration of Line of Business systems to the Cloud.  .
Key stages of the project including:
  • The business case, and how we budgeted for the project?
  • What stopped us going faster to complete it and what got in our way?
  • How we feel about the end result, and what comes next?

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