Peter Hutton | Former Principal
Templestowe College | Australia

Peter Hutton, Former Principal, Templestowe College

There is a lot of discussion about why we should reform education and theory presented on what it should look like, but very little about the how to do it! Peter is here to show you the Take Control model of education. 
Peter Hutton was appointed Principal of Templestowe College (TC) in 2009. It was a broken school with just 286 local students and 23 year sevens. Today, under Peter’s vision and leadership, TC has over 1100 students and was recently recognised as one of the most innovative schools in the world. The last six years has seen dramatic changes including the option of three starting times, removal of year levels and the introduction of individualised learning plans for all students where they choose from over 150 subjects. Students sit on staff selection panels, form the core of the curriculum committee, provide formal feedback to their teachers each 5 weeks, run their own for-profit businesses and are even employed to help run the school.

At 50, Peter’s varied experiences include 20 years’ as a Principal/Assistant Principal in 4 schools, being an Insolvency Accountant with PWC, being an officer in the Australian Army Reserve and running his own Property Development and Tree Lopping Businesses. As a dyslexic, Peter sees the world differently, and has spent his life challenging rules, assumptions and conventions.


Day 2 @ 09:30

Educational change - from theory to action

  • Discover a school with no school levels, no school bell, and where the staff selection and curriculum is decided by the students
  • Gain the tangible and intangible results of this revolutionary new education system
  • Understand how to implement transformational change to your education system to remove bullying whilst increasing innovation and collaboration

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