Pip Hoermann | Learning Coach - Innovation
St Andrew's Cathedral School | Australia

Pip Hoermann, Learning Coach - Innovation, St Andrew's Cathedral School

Pip Hoermann is a Maths and French teacher at St Andrew’s Cathedral School (SACS) in Sydney. She is currently the Learning Coach (Innovation) at SACS.  As part of this role, Pip is responsible for most tech cocurricular and competitions at SACS. She is also working with a small group of Year 8 students to provide enrichment in computational thinking, algorithmic thinking, coding and computer science. Pip is enthusiastic about giving students opportunities to challenge themselves, develop essential social capabilities and grow in their knowledge of the world, while using industry-standard technology as much as possible.


Day 2 @ 11:20

Computational Thinking - A New Approach to Enrichment

  • What is computational thinking and why is it important?
  • What computer science concepts can we introduce to Middle School students and why bother?
  • Why not Python?
last published: 24/May/19 06:25 GMT

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