Dr Rebecca Vivian | Research Fellow
Computer Science Education Research Group | Australia

Dr Rebecca Vivian, Research Fellow, Computer Science Education Research Group

Dr Rebecca has expertise in Computer Science Education, Teacher Training and Educational Technology and has collaborated with stakeholders across industry, education, and government to deliver education and research projects. Rebecca is involved in the development of the national CSER K-12 Digital Technologies Education teacher-training program, which has seen over 13,000 teachers enrol and which includes the PL-in-a-Box extension, a partnership with Google Australia that empowers education leaders to facilitate professional learning in Digital Technologies with free, ready-made resources. Rebecca is passionate about engaging more young people in STEM, particularly in Technology-related areas, and sees supporting teachers, families and engaging children from the very first year of school as key.


Day 2 @ 14:00

11 | BREAKOUT: Lead Digital Technologies Professional Development

30 mins

Are you wanting to engage your colleagues and champion Digital Technologies professional development in your school? Are you responsible for leading or designing a professional development program? This session is for you!
  • Design effective evidence-based professional development programs.
  • Learn about how schools, universities and organisations are upskilling staff in Digital Technologies across Australia.
  • Harness free online resources and programs that make your life easier!

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