Richard Henderson | Director of Global Education Solutions
Lenovo | United States

Richard Henderson, Director of Global Education Solutions, Lenovo

15 years working in technology and services startups and global companies with a focus on product, marketing and strategy. Previous to these roles, Richard was in education as a classroom leader and a special needs resource, led curriculum software sales, and most recently leading strategic education offerings for one of the most innovative companies in tech.


Day 1 @ 14:00

01 | BREAKOUT: The future of AR/VR technology in education

30 mins

Augmented and Virtual Reality has been rising quickly as a one of the most interesting and impactful technologies in the Education space. Pilot projects and hardware prototypes are beginning to be seen throughout classrooms with many vendors developing foundational VR and AR elements to provide a stable and practical application for the classroom of today and tomorrow. This presentation will discuss challenges and opportunities for the future of AR/VR technology in education.

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