Prof. Rose Luckin | Prof. of Learner Centred Design
University College London Knowledge Lab | United Kingdom

Prof. Rose Luckin, Prof. of Learner Centred Design, University College London Knowledge Lab

What is your perspective on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Education? How much do you understand it and its impact on teaching and learning?
Secretary of the NSW Department of Education – Mark Scott AO, who will also be speaking at EduTECH, said AI was transforming classrooms and learning, with teachers able to use technology to create customised content for specific subjects and students, but great teachers would never become obsolete. 
"The future in the classroom is now. We are at a crossroads and we can't sit back and wait for the revolution to happen to us. We need to lead the change. This is education's moment," said Mr Scott in his recent speech.
Prof Rose Luckin has been developing and writing about the Learning Sciences, Educational technology and Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIEd) for over 20 years. Her research explores how to increase participation by teachers and learners in the design and use of technologies. 
Don’t miss Prof Luckin’s presentation and breakout session that will change the way you think about AI forever. In addition to over 50 peer-reviewed articles and two edited volumes, Prof. Luckin is the author of Re-Designing Learning Contexts (Routledge, 2010), and lead author of the influential Decoding Learning report (Nesta, 2012). 
Register now to be inspired and educated by Prof. Luckin. You’ll see the behind the scenes research that applies participatory methods to the development and evaluation of technology for learning. 
After participating in your own session with Prof. Luckin, you’re also invited to explore the exhibition to pick up more tips and useful information about AI and how YOU can use it in your teaching.


Day 2 @ 11:10

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and learning: the future of education is superintelligent

  • See how AI is impacting the fields of psychology, neuroscience and education
  • Learn how AI is enabling and deepening adaptive learning, and learning personalisation
  • Understand what AI will mean for classroom management, learning styles and experiences
  • Find out how to explore and make the best use of the available AI technologies

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