Sarah Cordiner | Executive Director and Head of Campus
University of Notre Dame | Australia

Sarah Cordiner, Executive Director and Head of Campus, University of Notre Dame

Sarah (PGCE and BA (Hons) Education) is Postgraduate qualified in Education, with specialisation in Adult Education, Vocational Education and Training [VET] and Lifelong Learning.
Sarah has been a leader in the adult education industry for over 12 years, consulting and implementing education strategy and workforce development initiatives in accredited and non-accredited training for Government, public and private organisations and institutions internationally.
Sarah is the Executive Director and Head of Campus for The University of Notre Dame in the remote Broome campus.  Sarah’s role plays a large part in ensuring access to vocational and higher education in some of the most remote communities in Australia, and in this keynote will share some of the strategies that the University of Notre Dame have been using to overcome the barriers to education and training in such a challenging environment.

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