Sascha Ogilvy | Head Teacher Eal/D
Fairfield High School | Australia

Sascha Ogilvy, Head Teacher Eal/D, Fairfield High School

Sascha Ogilvy is currently Head Teacher English as an Additional Language and Dialect (EAL/D) at Fairfield High School. She has been an HSC Marker since 2011 and has also been a NESA HSC Standards Setting Judge and Senior Judge for the previous Stage 6 English ESL course. Sascha has also contributed to the ATESOL HSC trial examination paper in 2015 and was part of the ATESOL writing team in 2016, 2017 and 2018 for ATESOL HSC Trial examination paper. She has also contributed to the Discovery study guide book for the English ESL course in 2016. Sascha is an EAL/D specialist teacher who is passionate about supporting EAL/D colleagues in mainstream high schools to achieve the best outcomes for students. She is an advocate for team-teaching and believes that teachers who engage with specific skills and work together to plan, create and deliver lessons will allow students to achieve more from a classroom setting.


Day 1 @ 14:20

Team teaching

  • What is team teaching and why it’s so important in schools
  • The purpose of team teaching
  • Case study of the team teaching program at Fairfield High School

Day 2 @ 11:00

Roundtable 10: Team-teaching in a High School

Join this rountable to discuss all things team teaching, what are the pros, cons and how it can be done right.
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