Simon Maizels | Director, Integration Competency Centre
Information Technology Directorate | Australia

Simon Maizels, Director, Integration Competency Centre, Information Technology Directorate

Simon is a self-professed data nerd. At NSW Department of Education, he is deep into using data to create personalised learning experiences for learners young and old. Whether finding new ways to connect people with similar goals, or tailoring content to people’s passions, Simon enjoys discovering a balance of humanistic and nerdy approaches. Specialising in transformational change, he has enjoyed delivering challenging initiatives spanning personalised learning, customer engagement, digital marketing, and predictive analytics.
Prior to NSW Department of Education, Simon has held technology leadership positions in FMCG retail, wholesale, high tech, and the British Government. Born in Boston USA and brought up in London England, Simon now lives in Sydney, Australia, with his partner, two children, a dog, and a lot of music technology.


Day 2 @ 14:00

Using data to support better learning in schools

  • How do schools use data to make a more informed decision for positive changes?
  • How do we train teachers to read data?
  • Interview with school on how they're using data to measure student performance

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