Sophie Poisel | Innovation Leader
Emanuel School | Australia

Sophie Poisel, Innovation Leader, Emanuel School

Sophie is the K-6 Innovation Leader at Emanuel School. She was the recipient of the Premier’s Commonwealth Bank STEM Scholarship and spent 5 weeks learning from innovative educators across North America. The focus of her study included transdisciplinary project-based learning, design thinking and alternative assessment & reporting regimes that highlight the importance of future skills. 
In her current role, Sophie works with teachers to embed design thinking, maker-centred learning and emerging digital technologies into grade projects. She also works with students to develop interest based projects, highlighting the skills and dispositions they need now and in the future. 
Sophie has worked at a range of independent schools in Sydney with primary and secondary students, as a primary teacher, a Gifted and Talented Coordinator, and with pre-service teachers, at University and as a supervising teacher. She is passionate about fostering students' curiosity in STEM fields and developing partnerships with industry mentors. Follow her on twitter @sophiepoisel


Day 1 @ 15:00

Observations of practice: what makes a great MakerSpace

  • developing the vision and goals for your MakerSpace
  • practical ideas for embedding a Maker Culture in your school/institution
  • developing and prioritising a tools / devices inventory

Day 2 @ 11:00

Roundtable 3: Observations of practice: What makes a great MakerSpace

Join this roundtable hosted by Sophie Poisel to discuss how to create realistic goals and startegies to create your own roundtable.
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