Prof. Stephen Heppell | CEO
Heppell.Net | United Kingdom

Prof. Stephen Heppell, CEO, Heppell.Net

Stephen is an internationally acclaimed leader in learning, new media, and technology in education - joining us from the UK.

Stephen's "eyes on the horizon, feet on the ground" approach, coupled with a vast portfolio of effective large scale projects over three decades, have established him internationally as a widely and fondly recognized leader in the fields of learning, new media and technology.

As a school teacher for more than a decade, and a professor since 1989, Stephen has worked, and is working, with learner led projects, with governments around the world, with international agencies, Fortune 500 companies, with schools and communities, with his PhD students and with many influential trusts and organizations.

Stephen is, and has been, a regular face on TV all around the world - in the UK this ranges from Newsnight to the BBC Breakfast sofa and Sky News, to Channel 4's Things to Come - and on radio too: from BBC Radio 4's You and Yours to the Steve Wright Show - or even right back to Phil Miles on Australia's Island Sound radio in 1992! In Australia radio regular appearances range from national ABC to statewide Mix Radio in WA.

Stephen's ICT career (he is credited with being the person who put the C into ICT), began with the UK government's Microelectronics Education Programme (MEP) in the early 80s, after he had been teaching in secondary schools for some years - which he enjoyed enormously.

Stephen founded and ran Ultralab for almost a quarter of a century, building it into one of the most respected research centres in e-learning in the world - at one time Ultralab was the largest producer of educational CD-ROMs in Europe - before leaving it in 2004.


Day 2 @ 14:00

03 | BREAKOUT: OK, here’s my teaching space: what can i do right away, tomorrow, to make it a better place for learning

30 mins

This is a very practical session, filled with “take away and try ideas” to add delight, playfulness, effectiveness, performance, joy and more to your learning spaces and places. Technology might be the key that opens a door to change, but even the simplest things can make a huge difference.

Expo Main Stage - Day Two @ 12:50

Education on the couch - a conversation with Prof. Stephen Heppell & Dr. Gary Stager

Two edtech pioneers separated by a common language

Listen in on a freewheeling conversation between two accomplished educators, Prof. Stephen Heppell (US) and Gary Stager, as they discuss the current state of education, the role of technology in shaping our future, and lessons learned over decades of experience shaping classroom practice. Amidst the serious dialogue, hilarity will inevitably ensue!


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