Susan McLean | Director
Cyber Safety Solutions | Australia

Susan McLean, Director, Cyber Safety Solutions

Susan is Australia’s leading expert in cybersafety at schools. She was the first Victorian Police officer appointed to a position involving cybersafety and young people. Susan is a member of the Federal Government’s Cybersafety Working Group and the National Centre against Bullying (NCAB) Cybersafety Committee. At EduTECH Susan will be presenting on cyberbullying and also school photo permission policy


Day 1 @ 14:50

Photography – policy practice and procedure

  • What are the issues and risks for photography within the school environment  
  • Scenarios for non-authorized photography: parents, students and teachers  
  • Developing a policy and guidelines for permission

Day 1 @ 15:30

Cyberbullying: what, how, when, and then?

  • What behaviour constitutes cyberbullying and where does it occur (including The Law) 
  • What are the latest problematic apps/sites for cyberbullying 
  • How to implement prevention through education 

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