Tanya Coli | Inspector, Primary Education
NSW Education Standards Authority | Australia

Tanya Coli, Inspector, Primary Education, NSW Education Standards Authority

Tanya Coli recently joined NESA as the Inspector, Primary. She brings extensive school experience as a primary teacher, Assistant Principal and Relieving Principal. Tanya’s most recent role was K-6 Science and Technology Advisor for the NSW Department of Education. In joining NESA Tanya recognises that the role of Inspector, Primary carries the important responsibility of leading curriculum development that provides for quality teaching, learning and assessment practices across NSW. Tanya’s initial focus will be on finalisation of new syllabuses for K-6 Science and Technology, K-10 PDHPE and engaging productively with key stakeholders in primary education. “I am passionate about primary education that ensures every student has the opportunity to thrive. I look forward to being part of a dynamic team, enabling change which supports primary schools to deliver high quality learning across all curriculum areas.”


Day 2 @ 14:00

10 | BREAKOUT: Changes to NSW K-12 STEM syllabuses

30 mins 

This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to listen to the NESA inspectors involved and hear about changes to the:
  • NSW Science and Technology K-6 Syllabus
  • NSW Mandatory Technology Years 7-8 Syllabus
  • Suite of Year 11 and 12 Science Syllabuses including the new Extension Science Syllabus

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