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A More Beautiful Question | United States

Warren Berger, Questionologist | Author, A More Beautiful Question

Berger’s current project, A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas, (Bloomsbury), is an examination of the ways deep questioning can lead to innovation and change, and how we can get better at doing it in both business and daily life. For the 250-page book, Berger interviewed leaders at dozens of companies such as Google, Netflix, IDEO, and airbnb, as well as hundreds of entrepreneurs, educators, artists, social activists, and basement tinkerers about the role of questioning in their successes. Berger’s website "AMoreBeautifulQuestion.com" features hundreds of articles, videos, studies, and links about the powerful role of questioning in business, education, and daily life.


Day 2 @ 14:00

04 | Bringing more “beautiful questions” into the classroom—and beyond

About: Insights from author and “questionologist” Warren Berger about the importance of questioning and how to encourage more of it among students. Sessions will include hands-on exercises in question formulation, collaborative inquiry, and will focus on ways to bring more innovative questioning to schools

Who should attend: Teachers of all grade levels, School leaders and administrators

Why: To explore ways to improve student learning by way of more/better student questioning.

Day 2 @ 15:50

PLENARY | Bringing more “beautiful questions” into the classroom—and beyond

  • Address how teachers can be inquirers into their own practice
  • Review new models on the power of student-led inquiry
  • Understand inquiry across different curriculum areas

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